Getting Started with DRC Services

This page will give you an overview of the steps you must take to get started with DRC services. You may apply for services at any time. However, timely application (4-6 weeks before the start of the quarter) will help facilitate timely approval and setup of your accommodation(s). If you have questions about this process or need assistance please contact our office at any time.

Welcome! We are happy to have you as part of our campus community!

Note: The admissions process for Bellevue College is different than applying for DRC Services. You may apply for admissions to Bellevue College at any time while you are completing your application for accommodations with the DRC, but it is strongly recommended that you complete the Bellevue College admissions application before applying for DRC services.

Application Steps for DRC Services

  1. Submit Bellevue College Admissions Application
  2. Take the COMPASS Assessment
  3. Submit DRC Intake Form
  4. Submit Documentation
  5. Participate in an Intake Appointment
  6. Meet with An Academic Advisor
  7. Register For Classes
  8. Submit a Request for Accommodations Form
  9. Complete Additional Forms
  10. Follow Up and Pickup Instructor Letters

Step 1: Submit Bellevue College Admissions Application

If you are exclusively taking Continuing Education classes, you do not need to apply for admission.

If you are new to the college or have not taken classes for two consecutive quarters, complete and submit a Bellevue College admissions application first. You can submit an application or request additional information on the Enrollment website

Step 2: Take the COMPASS Assessment

If you are exclusively taking Continuing Education classes you do not need to complete a COMPASS Assessment.

All entering Bellevue College students must complete a COMPASS Assessment for both math and English to identify the student's appropriate course placement. The Assessment website provides information on preparing for the assessment tests and an assessment calendar for available dates and times for drop-in English and Math assessments. If you would normally receive alternative testing accommodations, please contact the DRC before signing up to take the COMPASS Assessment. Note that the COMPASS test is untimed for all students so there is no need for extended time accommodations.

Step 3: Submit DRC Intake Form

Complete and submit a DRC Intake form. This form may be submitted online through this website, you may download a copy of the form to print, or you can complete an Intake form at the DRC office.

Step 4: Submit Documentation

There are a number of ways to submit documentation detailed on the DRC contact page.

Students need to provide documentation that is a clear, objective medical/clinical evaluation of the disability reflecting the student's functional limitations in an educational setting. You can find out more about what types/kind of documentation is required on our Policies and Guidelines page. While the DRC does not offer testing or assessment of disability, we can refer you to professionals in the community who can provide these services.

Step 5: Participate in an Intake Appointment

If you have submitted all necessary documents but have not been contacted for an appointment, please follow up with the DRC to make sure everything is moving forward.

Once you have submitted an intake form and your documentation has been reviewed by the DRC Staff, you will be contacted to schedule an intake appointment. Your one-on-one intake meeting will give you an opportunity to identify your needs, understand DRC policies, discuss academic goals, and determine accommodations that will ensure access. During the intake you may request specific accommodations and the DRC staff member will guide you in developing an accommodations plan.

Step 6: Meet with An Academic Advisor

If you are exclusively taking Continuing Education classes, you do not need to meet with an academic advisor or faculty advisor.

All students are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor. Academic advisors work closely with the DRC to provide you with general academic advising in your intended major and/or degree; create a detailed educational plan to map out your future quarters; connect you with a faculty advisor once ready for ongoing major specific information; and provide continuing advising assistance throughout your major study. More information is available on the Academic Advising website.

If you are enrolling in a Professional/technical program, you should meet with the faculty advisor from that program. A program guide to Bellevue College's Professional/technical programs is available in the online catalog.

Step 7: Register For Classes

You may register for Continuing Education classes through the Continuing Education website.

The college will provide a registration appointment date and time to students who are currently enrolled and to new students who turn in their applications by the due date.

Students who are approved for priority registration through the DRC will be able to register before other Bellevue College students. You will receive registration information in the mail, or contact the DRC to find out the date and time you can register. Students approved for priority registration should register as soon as possible so that the DRC has time to plan and coordinate your accommodations. You can register and pay for classes on the Bellevue College Registration website.

Step 8: Submit a Request for Accommodations Form

The Request for Accommodations form lets us know that you are registered for the quarter and need the DRC to generate instructor letters identifying your accommodations. The DRC can then coordinate and plan your accommodations. Complete this form as soon as possible after you register for classes. If we do not receive this form, accommodations will not be set up for you.

This form may be submitted online through this website, you may download a copy of the form to print, or you can pick up a Request for Accommodations form at the DRC office.

Step 9: Complete Additional Forms

Some accommodations, like Accessible Media, require additional information about the specifics of your classes or your textbooks. These forms are also available through this website or in the DRC Office.

Step 10: Follow Up and Pickup Instructor Letters

Follow up with the DRC prior to the first day of the quarter to make sure your accommodations have been setup and pick up Instructor Introduction Letters and present them to your teachers the first day of class.