This club has not re-chartered for the current year

Advisor: Myra Van Vactor

Description: Educate students at Bellevue Community College about Philippine Culture and issues that not only affect Filipinos, but also Filipino-Americans. Pursue activities that will make Filipino-Americans advocates. Support all students that want to join the club in terms of their success in academics. Every week will have an agenda that works towards the success of the students that join. One week will focus on some aspect of Filipino Culture which may involve one or two activities and/or guest speaker(s). The next week the students will join together to help form/create their own study groups. This will also be called a roundtable study-time. Everyone is Welcome. Enjoy Food; Have Fun; Get Involved; Be Educated and Learn About Filipino Cultures and Issues; Use Your Voice; Create and Build a Community.

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Meetings 2013

Time: Th 3:00 pm.-5:00 pm. C225,
BC Main Campus
Meetings are held every Thursday. All are Welcome!

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