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Advisor: Mike Korolen
Office Location: R2305

Description: Vision: We would like to growing membership and activities, overall spreading awareness of scientifictionistic modern culture. To persuade all scientifictionistic neologisms into the world and daily activities. To help expand our minds by sharing and constructing the frameworks of the world’ finest conception architects.
Mission: To provide a platform and a community for sci-fi,the literature of ideas” For all individuals who can’t satisfy that internal, humanistic soul of curiosity and conquest, haunted always by the question-“What if?” and who investigate the world around them to more accurately evaluate a possible future.
Goals: To construct a point on envisioning the strangest of futures, the most economically feasible or would-shaping technologies or the best sci-fi ideas in general. TO come together, share new insights, coverage out old ones, and connect bleeding edge of science, technology, culture, politics, economics and the human spirit into a unified world view, whether one speculative or made manifest. Maybe a book club? It’d be open source.

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ASG Board of Directors
Meetings 2013

Time: Th 3:00 pm.-5:00 pm. C225,
BC Main Campus
Meetings are held every Thursday. All are Welcome!

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