Funding for clubs and programs: Student programs and clubs have access to funds originating from the Services and Activities Fee (S&A) that is assessed every quarter to every tuition-paying student. The Student Government and the Student Programs office are both involved in the distribution and utilization of the S&A funds. The following links contain information pertaining to the S&A funds, their allocation and use.

Letter to programs sent on February 16, 2013

Hello everyone,
As usual at this time of the year we invite you to submit your requests for S&A funds for the next (2013-2014) fiscal year (blank form attached). Programs that do not anticipate requesting an increase in allocation (from currently established baseline budgets) will only need to turn in an electronic request (as in past years); no formal presentation to the committee is required from any program, but programs that request increased funding may find it prudent to present their request in person. If you are planning to present, please notify us ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly. Due to increased number of programs and time limitations, presentations are limited to 15 minutes, including Q&A time.
Please make a note of the following timeline (also attached) and feel free to email or call me should you have questions.

Hristo Stoynov
Program Coordinator
Student Programs Office
X 6152

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