Advisor: Hakim ChakourOffice Location: A254BWebsite Information: (425)564-2055
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The Arabic Culture Student Association is a student learning community to promote, connect and support students in their academic and professional endeavors with literacy in the Arabic culture. Our mission is to develop student awareness of the diversity of the Arab world, its cultures, history and contemporary issues by encouraging discussions aimed to develop knowledge and bridge cultural gaps through forums for learning and student activities.

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Advisor: Cindy BoekhoffOffice Location: International Student ProgramsContact Information: (425) 564-2087
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ITT is a Christian-led club whose purpose is to bridge the cultural gap to intellectually, socially and spiritually meet the individual needs of international students.
Please join us as we provide conversation and cultural opportunities, trips, conferences, and learn about holidays in different cultures.

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Meetings: 11am-1.00pm Thu C103

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