You may print pre-designed advertisements for special bulletin boards. Please note that you must get approval of your poster before posting it on bulletin boards. Bring your poster to C106 or C212 for approval.
Posting of literature is only allowed at designated BC locations (see the campus map), with approval of the Campus Information Center (in C105).
Posting of literature is not allowed on concrete, glass, painted surfaces, or brick.
The following items below are highlighted to remind and update you on what the procedures require:
Designated posting locations on campus are available for publicizing
* Prior to posting, BC students, staff, and faculty must have literature date-stamped at the Campus Business Center in C105 or Student Programs office in C212.
* The campus group or individual posting literature is expected to remove the literature immediately after the event is over.
* Posting is limited to one copy per designated posting area.
* If the posted literature is in a language other than English, an English translation must be included or posted alongside.
Specific instructions and maps on the distribution and posting of literature on campus are available from:
The Business Center (C105).
The Office of Student Programs (C212).
The Office of the Dean of Student Services (B231).
Commercial or off-campus organizations are limited to a single posting on designated campus community boards and must be date-stamped at the Student Programs office (212). Contact the Campus Information Center at (425) 564-2297 if you have questions about this.
The posting policy on campus may be downloaded, viewed, and printed. This document includes a campus map and the complete regulations for posting materials on the BC campus.

The posters will be on for only 2 weeks.

You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the document.

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