* Driving Directions

Bellevue College is 15 minutes east of Seattle, easily accessible using the I-90 or 520 bridge. Select a Route from the menu for specific directions.

* Maps
We've recently updated our maps to reflect the latest changes on campus, including the location of the new parking garage, the newest addition on campus. View or print the room location map and the parking lot map from this website.

* Bus Passes
Bus passes are subsidized with student fees and are available to purchase at the Cashier's Office. Costs of passes vary depending on type of pass needed. For Bus route information, pick up a schedule at the Campus Info Center (C105) or in the BC Library. Check routes on line and use

* Carpooling To BC
Students can register to be a carpool through the Campus Safety Office in K100.

* Cycling to BC
Bike racks are located in various locations on campus. For a cycling map of King Country.

* Walking to BC
walking is one of the best forms of exercise and conserves energy and the beauty of our planet. Try walking to campus, especially if you are on a few miles away.
Parking Regulations if driving to campus, make sure you are familiar with campus parking regulations.

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