Allied Health Cross Walk

The transition from Health Professions (HPRO) to Allied Health (AHE) may produce some confusion for currently enrolled students regarding the courses they have already completed and the courses that still need to be completed.

To reduce this confusion find the OLD HPRO course(s) that you still need to complete. When you select the course(s) it will take you to the equivalent NEW AHE course.
Old HPRO Courses
HPRO 100 Introduction to Healthcare
HPRO 105 Safety for Healthcare
HPRO 120 Medical Terminology
HPRO 125 Human Systems
HPRO 130 Professional Relations in Healthcare
HPRO 131 Medical Law and Ethics
HPRO 134 Introduction to Pharmacology
HPRO 135 Introduction to Medical Administration
HPRO 141 Introduction to Phlebotomy
HPRO 144 Phlebotomy Practicum
HPRO 146 Introduction to Clinical Laboratory
HPRO 147 Advanced Clinical Laboratory
HPRO 174 Health Unit Coordinator I
HPRO 175 Health Unit Coordinator II
HPRO 176 Health Unit Coordinator Practicum
HPRO 180 Emergency Department Technician
HPRO 181 Emergency Department Practicum

Download the Allied Health Cross Walk

  1. For completed courses simply match the HPRO course you have completed to the AHE course equivalent and check that off your requirement.
  2. For future courses, simply match the HPRO course that was required for your program to the AHE equivalent and enroll in the matching AHE course.



Last Updated May 14, 2014