Non-Traditional Program

Medical Assistant – Phlebotomy Certification

Students who are not completing the traditional route, cannot have a phlebotomy certification indicated on their transcript, however, they may still apply for Washington State certification through an alternate mechanism.

You will still want to apply for certification in your primary discipline of study, as such, follow the same steps for your certification.

During the first week of your last term, usually the term you will be entering your practicum (externship) complete the following steps:

  1. Verify that you have completed ALL required courses and prerequisites for graduation (other than the externship you are currently enrolled in).
  2. Complete the “completion worksheet” for your program, which are linked off of the program requirement page above.
  3. Complete the application for graduation/certification, this is the document that allows the college to identify your certificate on your transcript.
  4. Submit the signed “completion worksheet” AND completed “application for graduation/certification” to the office of Evaluations / Graduation.

After successful completion of your practicum (externship) AND after grades have been posted for that term.  You may apply for the “non-traditional” phlebotomy certification.

  1. Contact the department for a Certification of Phlebotomy Training Program, Non-Traditional form.
  2. Complete the form, including ALL signatures from instructors / preceptors as indicated.
  3. Return this form to the Allied Health department, along with page 5 of the Washington State Application.
  4. Send your completed application to the Department of Health, per their instructions, including the signed copy of page 3, which you received back from the Allied Health department.
  5. Once you have completed the above steps and the Department of Health has your application materials, it can take 2-6 weeks for your certification to be issued. This is at the State level; the College does not have control over the issuance.