Foundation Courses

There are several domains that can be considered universal to Allied Health education, regardless of the specific discipline that is being pursued. The foundation courses in Allied Health are designed to address these core components in the students education. These core or foundation courses have been selected, based either on the prevailing general knowledge and skills required to succeed across a variety of disciplines, or they have been selected to meet universal standards set by regulatory bodies for Allied Health disciplines.  Often these two sources are in agreement, simplifying the identification and application of foundation courses for Allied Health education.

Foundation areas have been identified for the following:

AHE 100 Introduction to Healthcare – 5Cr.

AHE 110 Medical Terminology – 5Cr.

AHE 120 Safety for Healthcare – 2Cr.

AHE 130 Human Systems – 5Cr.

AHE 140 Professional Relationships in Healthcare – 5Cr.

HLTH 145 Wellness for Healthcare – 3Cr.