Health Unit Coordinator

The health unit coordinator is an entry-level health professional that helps maintain and support a healthcare facility. Their duties include setting up charts for hospital admittance, performing data entry, ordering lab tests and x-rays, transcribing physician orders and communicating them to nursing staff and other hospital departments, using computerized order entry systems, setting up and maintaining patient records, managing facility communications (either in person, electronically, or by phone), and keeping the unit in compliance with facility policy and confidentiality regulations.

Bellevue College’s Health Unit Coordinator certificate program prepares students for national certification by the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators (NAHUC). This agency administers the national examination that demonstrates the candidate has the basic knowledge and skills required to be a health unit coordinator. Currently, one hospital in the immediate vicinity requires this certification. It is expected that surrounding hospitals will follow suit in the near future.

Career Opportunities

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that job opportunities should be excellent in all healthcare related employment settings, especially in entry-level healthcare positions due to the high job turnover rate. In addition, the large number of expected retirements and tougher immigration rules are reducing the number of qualified professionals that are currently in this field. In Washington, it is projected that employment in healthcare services will grow 18.0 percent from 2007-2017.

According to Workforce Explorer (, health services positions have an average salary of $15.45 per hour with a range of $10.92 to $20.82.

For currently available jobs and pay information in Washington, go to Washington Health Careers (

Certificate of Achievement

This certificate has a total of 64 credits and is usually completed in five (5) quarters. It includes our certificate in Medical Administrative Assistant, and prepares participants for entry-level positions as health unit coordinators.

See the full Certificate of Achievement curriculum.


  • Acceptance to Bellevue College as a credit student.
  • Basic computer skills and access to a computer with Internet access is highly recommended.
  • Placement by assessment into ENGL& 101 for advanced classes.


Foundation Courses
AHE 100Introduction to Healthcare5 Cr.
AHE 110Medical Terminology5 Cr.
AHE 120Safety for Healthcare2 Cr.
AHE 130
- OR -
BIOL 108
Human Systems
- - -
Human Biology
5 Cr.
- - -
6 Cr.
AHE 140
- OR -
CMST 280
Professional Relations in Healthcare
- - -
Intercultural Communication

5 Cr.
HLTH 145Wellness for Healthcare3 Cr.
Program Courses
AHEA 100Medical Law and Ethics3 Cr.
AHEA 102Introduction to Medical Administration5 Cr.
AHEA 104Introduction to Billing and Coding5 Cr.
AHEA 106Medical Computer Systems5 Cr.
AHEA 110Health Unit Coordinator I5 Cr.
AHEA 112Health Unit Coordinator II5 Cr.
AHEA 118Health Unit Coordinator Practicum5 Cr.
BTS 104Key Boarding Review1 Cr.
BTS 161Business Software Essentials5 Cr.


64 Cr.

Recommended Course Scheduling


Total: 18 CreditsTotal: 18 CreditsTotal: 18 CreditsTotal: 5 CreditsTotal: 5 Credits
AHE 100 (5 credits)AHE 140 (5 credits)HLTH 145 (3 credits)AHEA 112 (5 credits)AHEA 118 (5 credits)
AHE 110 (5 credits)AHEA 100 (3 credits)AHEA 104 (5 credits)
AHE 120 (2 credits)AHEA 102 (5 credits)AHEA 106 (5 credits)
AHE 130 (5 credits)BTS 161 (5 credits)AHEA 110 (5 credits)
BTS 104 (1 credit)