Medical Administrative Assistant

The person in the position of medical office reception is often the first person a client or patient talks to when entering a medical office, clinic, hospital, or other healthcare facility. Common tasks include greeting the patient, taking information, referring patient questions to appropriate sources, scheduling visits, answering the phone, and other duties as assigned by the employer.

Career Opportunities

The medical office reception employee goes by many names: receptionist, staffing assistant, admitting registrar, patient care coordinator.

There are more than 2.4 million medical office and administrative support positions in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook (2008-2009), and are projected to increase 15.7 percent between 2006 and 2016.

Medical reception positions are often entry-level and do not require a credential, but training and experience in healthcare, office reception, or customer service should provide a hiring advantage. Job seekers will also need English language skills.

Hourly rates of pay average $12.94 per hour but generally range from $10.60 to $17.33 per hour, depending on experience and employer, according to Workforce Explorer (

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Certificate of Accomplishment

This certificate has a total of 49 credits and is usually completed is three (3) quarters. It prepares participants for entry-level positions in outpatient settings.

See the full Certificate of Accomplishment curriculum.


  • Acceptance to Bellevue College as a credit student
  • Basic computer skills and access to a computer with Internet access is highly recommended
  • Placement by assessment into ENGL& 101 for advanced classes


Foundation Courses
AHE 100 Introduction to Healthcare5 Cr.
AHE 110 Medical Terminology5 Cr.
AHE 120 Safety for Healthcare2 Cr.
AHE 130
- OR -
BIOL 108
Human Systems
- - -
Human Biology
5 Cr.
- - -
6 Cr.
AHE 140
- OR -
CMST 280
Professional Relations in Healthcare
- - -
Intercultural Communication

5 Cr.
HLTH 145 Wellness for Healthcare3 Cr.
Program Courses
AHEA 100 Medical Law and Ethics3 Cr.
AHEA 102 Introduction to Medical Administration5 Cr.
AHEA 104 Introduction to Billing and Coding5 Cr.
AHEA 106 Medical Computer Systems5 Cr.
BTS 104 Key Boarding Review1 Cr.
BTS 161 Business Software Essentials5 Cr.


49 Cr.

Recommended Course Scheduling


1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter
Total: 18 CreditsTotal: 18 CreditsTotal: 13 Credits
AHE 100 (5 credits)AHE 140 (5 credits)HLTH 145 (3 credits)
AHE 110 (5 credits)AHEA 100 (3 credits)AHEA 104 (5 credits)
AHE 120 (2 credits)AHEA 102 (5 credits)AHEA 106 (5 credits)
AHE 130 (5 credits)BTS 161 (5 credits)
BTS 104 (1 credit)