Speech Communication
The Speech Communication Department's three full-time faculty members, two affiliated adjunct faculty, and a complement of other adjunct instructors provide students with a rich learning experience in a professional academic environment. The Department offers five courses: Basic Oral Communication, Introduction to Public Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Small Group Communication, and Intercultural Communication. These courses are transferable as Humanities or Social Sciences credits to the major universities in Washington. Additionally, the department offers two other transferable courses, Introduction to Speech Communication and Nonverbal Communication, on an intermittent basis.
Speech Department Chair
Laura Nudelman, R230-V
tel: (425) 564-2358
Full-Time Faculty
Dr. Alan Yabui, R230-C
tel: (425) 564-3083

Katherine Oleson , R230-U
tel: (425) 564-3050

Stephanie Hurst , R230-W
tel: (425) 564-3062

Part-Time Affiliated Faculty
Lee Buxton, R230-L
tel: (425) 564-3064