Bellevue College

English 080 - 180

English 080

English 080 is a 1-2 credit non-transferable course that requires you to work in the Reading Lab to improve your reading skills. 

Most sections of English 080 are linked with courses offered by the English Department and the Developmental Education Department. The English Department schedule includes sections of English 080 for students who wish to work in the lab without registering for a specific class. 

English 180

English 180, Critical Reading in the Lab, is linked with English 106. If you have been placed in English 101 or higher, you can also register independently for English 180. English 180 is a graded, 1-2 credit transferable course.

Course Requirements

Lab Sign-in/Sign-out

Course Objectives

The Reading Lab supports students by offering practice in reading skills that coordinate with their class work. Specialized computer software enables students to strengthen their literacy skills at an individual rate. The three main areas of study that students practice are:


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