Student FAQ

Q: How many hours per quarter do I have to work in the Reading Lab?
A: One lab unit equals a 50 minute class period. If you registered for 1 credit you need to complete 22 units. If you registered for 2 credits you need to complete 44 units.

Q: How long must I work in the lab per day in order to earn credit?
A: You must spend a minimum of 50 continuous minutes in the lab to earn one unit. You can earn up to 2 units per day by spending a total of 100 minutes in the lab and may even stay longer, but you can earn a maximum of 2 units per day.

Q: Do I have to stay for 2 hours at a time?
A: No. You may stay for 50 continuous minutes and earn one unit, stay for 100 continuous minutes and earn two units, or sign out after 50 minutes and return later in the day for an additional 50 minute period, earning two units for that day. Many students find that a break in between lab units is helpful and promotes better concentration.

Q: Can I do my homework in the Reading Lab?
A: No, the Reading Lab is a credit class. You must work on the reading programs recommended by the lab instructors and your class instructor.

Q: How does my lab credit affect my class grade?
A: Your class instructor determines your class grade based on your class work. You will receive a credit/no-credit grade in the Reading Lab by completing your 22 or 44 units for the quarter and by having sufficient documentation in your lab folder of time spent on reading improvement. Your work in the Reading Lab will help you improve your reading skills so you can be more successful in your BC classes.

Q: Can I eat or drink in the lab?
A: As with all campus labs, food and drink are not allowed.

Q: Can I use my cell phone or use headphones to listen to music while I am in the lab?
A: The Reading Lab policy is to have all electronics turned off before entering the lab, including cell phones. Cell phones are distracting for all students. Headphones are also not allowed, except when needed for help with word pronunciation, in which case they are provided by the lab.

Q: Can my child come with me to the Reading Lab?
A: Children under age 16 are not allowed in any BC computer lab unless written authorization has been granted by the Director of Computing Services.