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Faculty FAQ

Q:  How does the Reading Lab support the linked classes?
A:  The Reading Lab supports classes by offering students practice in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and reading speed using appropriate software. Reading Lab instructors encourage teachers to check students’ Reading Lab folders regularly in order to monitor their progress, as well as to conference with the lab staff.

Q:  How do I schedule a class orientation?
A:  You can schedule a class orientation by calling the lab at extension 2494 or by coming into the lab in person to reserve a time. Please plan to attend with your class. All classes that are linked to the Reading Lab should come for an orientation at the beginning of the quarter.

Q:  Can I schedule class visits?
A:  Talk to a Lab Instructor to schedule a class visit. Ideally, you will be able to schedule a visit twice in a quarter. Class visits are dependent on lab space availability, which can vary quarter to quarter. This is a good time for teachers to familiarize themselves with their students’ programs and portfolios.

Q:  How should I evaluate a student’s portfolio?
A:  See a Lab Instructor to discuss the software your students are using and how to interpret levels and measure progress. Evaluating portfolios is a good time to address any specific weaknesses or concerns and/or alter a student’s lab program, if necessary.

Q:  Will my students receive lab credit when I bring my class into the Reading Lab during class time?
A:  No, because you are visiting during your class time. Students may sign in for credit and continue to work on their programs when you dismiss them from class.

Q:  How long does the Reading Lab keep student portfolios?
A:  The Reading Lab keeps student portfolios for two years. You may come in at any time to look at a student’s prior work.

Q:  How does the lab track each student’s progress?
A:  Lab instructors work with lab students individually and review portfolios throughout the quarter. They regularly write brief evaluations on every student’s Lab Assignment Sheet. In addition, individual conferences are held at least once per quarter.

Q:  What are the levels of software available in the Reading Lab?
A:  The levels range from 4 (beginning adult material) to 14 (college level). The majority of the software is in the 7-10 range.

Q:  Can I refer a student from any class if I think they are having difficulty reading?  Does a student have to register for credit or can they just drop-in?
A:  Class instructors may contact one of the Lab Directors about referring a student for help. The referred student does not have to register for credit. They usually commit to 10 lab visits, which should be sufficient to evaluate progress in whatever reading skill the student needs to improve. However, if the student knows ahead of time that they would like to spend at least 22 units working in the Reading Lab, they can register for 1 lab credit as an independent student.


This page was updated on February 7, 2012