Lab Software

We provide a variety of reading comprehension programs appropriate for different stages of preparation for college level courses.

The following list covers the three main areas of study in the lab: vocabulary, comprehension, and reading rate. Many of the programs incorporate more than one of these skills, helping you develop holistically, while other programs focus on a specific skill.


  • Vocabulary Fitness
  • Vocabulary Stretch
  • Skills Bank
    • Vocabulary Building
    • Word Knowledge
  • Think Analogies
  • Reading Around Words

Vocabulary and Comprehension

  • Pre-GED
  • GED Interactive
  • Townsend Press Vocabulary
  • Cloze Plus
  • Developing Critical Thinking Skills
  • Accu-Reading
  • Reading Shape Up
  • Townsend Press Ten Steps
  • Skills Bank

Comprehension and Rate

  • Skills Bank (Reading Comprehension)
  • Ultimate Speed Reader
  • Guided Reading


  • Skills Bank (Language)
  • Pre GED/GED (Writing review)
  • Assorted college-level critical thinking practice assignments