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About the Business Transfer Program, Bellevue College

Mission: The mission of the Bellevue College Business Transfer Program is to create an exciting learning environment where high standards are set for students; innovative curriculum and great faculty creates high retention and high achievement; all students are welcome, diversity is valued and inclusion is the norm; and our graduates excel in further studies and their careers.

Our Program

What We Are

  • The Business Transfer Program allows students to attain a two-year degree in Business and transfer to state public universities to complete a bachelors degree in business. Over 200 students graduate from our program annually.
  • The program has 1700 majors completing the first two years of a four-year business degree.
  • We are the largest Business Transfer Program in the state and we transfer the largest number of students to the University of Washington Foster School and the University of Washington, Bothell.
  • We have over 17 faculty including eight certified accountants and five lawyers, some who have won awards and all who have extensive industry experience.


  • Business core courses including Accounting (ACCT& 201, 202, 203), Law (BUS& 201 and BA 200) and Statistics (BA 240) are offered every quarter--day, evening and online..
  • We have a dual enrollment program with the University of Washington, Bothell where students are admitted to the UW Bothell Business School but complete their first two years at BCC.
  • Students also have the option of completing their four-year management degree from Eastern Washington University right on our campus.
  • We offer all our courses online and along with Washington State University make accessible an online business degree.
  • We have a tutoring center manned by student tutors that provides support to students in accounting, economics, law and statistics.

Innovation and Excellence

  • Our program gives many of the experiences of a four-year business school. We have developed a multicultural consulting course (CES 241) under the auspices of the UW Bothell Business Economic Center that gives our students invaluable experience working with real businesses and contributes to the economic development of our state. The teams are mentored by industry professionals from the Bellevue Rotary. This course has been commended by the Washington state legislature and won a national award for service learning.
  • We believe that a global education is essential to the future business professional and have signed a sister agreement with Shanghai Business School, a college with over 11,000 students and 6 campuses. The first study aboard to China happened in August 2008.
  • Along with our corporate sponsor, The Boeing Company, we offer the biennial Connect to Your Future student career conference that informs over 1600 students about high-demand careers.
  • Financial Education at BC, a program to spread objective financial education throughout the state of Washington has reached over 6000 people, was featured in the Seattle Times twice, selected as a best practice by the Treasury Department, and was commended by Governor Gregoire as a model for the nation.
  • The Business Leadership Club mounts many events to help students learn about careers including an accounting job shadow, speakers from Starbucks, Costco, venture capital firms and student entrepreneurs. Every year we hold over 10 events attended by up to 1000 students.


  • Our alumni have transferred to the University of Washington (Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma), Seattle University, Washington State University, Western Washington University, Central Washington University, Stanford, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, University of Arizona, University of Nevada Las Vegas, University of Southern California, University of Hawaii, University of Texas, Purdue, McGill, Georgetown, University of Illinois UC, University of Indiana, UCLA, University of North Carolina, and others. Angel Kelchev, Jack Kent Cooke award winner, has gone on to do his masters degrees at Harvard and Stanford.
  • Our students have worked in positions of responsibility at Boeing, Alaska Air, Weyerhauser, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, Deloitte, Amazon, KPMG, Safeway, prominent small businesses and more. They form our extensive alum network that continues to provide advice and mentoring to our students.
  • Each year over 100 of our alum graduate from the University of Washington (all campuses), including the 2007 winner of the University of Washington Bothell Chancellor"s award, Jayne Collins and 2008 UW Foster School Student Speaker, Luis Silva-Behrens and Chengying Deng, student speaker at the Masters of Accountancy 2010 commencement.
    Luis Gustavo Silva-Behrens was the student speaker at the 2008 UW Foster School commencement. He is currently with JP Morgan Chase.
    Chengying Deng was one of the student speakers at the UW Masters of Accountancy 2010 commencement. She is currently with Deloitte.
  • We offer an extensive co-curricular activities to provide opportunities for our students to mount major events and network with executives and entrepreneurs. These activities give our students tremendous confidence and skills that cannot be learned in the classroom.

Student Support

Winnie Li manages the statistics and accounting tutoring center, including recruiting the mainly volunteer students who serve as tutors. The tutoring center is housed right outside full-time faculty offices in C207 and gives students open access to faculty whenever they are available. We know that contact with faculty outside of class time is important to student engagement and our faculty is fully committed to helping all our students. Additionally, the tutoring center has become a meeting place for our student teams, supports our online courses, and encourages students to study together, all best practices to student success.

Student Engagement

Judith Paquette is the current program chair and co-faculty advisor of our Business Leadership Learning Community, a extensive network of current students, alumni in four-year institutions such as UW and Seattle U, and alumni successfully launched in their careers. We know that the future of our students depends not just on academic advising but on contact with practicing professionals who can give invaluable advice on career advancement and who can open up vistas that our students have never considered. This is especially important for students who do not come from privileged backgrounds or backgrounds where they were exposed to businesses. The Business Leadership Learning Community is another opportunity to foster student engagement. Every year the student leaders of the BLC mount an incredible program that bring prominent business executives on campus, include field trips to companies such as Costco where our students met executives, shadowing at accounting firms, and social events. We are extremely proud of our student leaders many who have stepped up to running for student government positions at BC and UW.