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2006 Connect to Your Future Keynote Address

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Bonnie Dunbar
Leslie Lum and Keynote Speaker Dr. Bonnie Dunbar

Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, Washington native, UW alum, Boeing employee, doctorate in mechanical biomedical engineering, noted scientist and engineer, NASA astronaut who flew on the Challenger, Columbia, Atlantis and Endeavour, has received many, many honors from organizations and universities around the world including being elected to the National Academy of Engineers and inducted into the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame.

Dr. Bonnie Dunbar talked about her experiences growing up in rural Washington, the daughter of homesteading parents who did not go to college having none of the stimulation of urban life but with the wide open sky and the stars. We were treated to a "home movie" of one of her shuttle flights explaining how it feels to circle the earth in 90 minutes, conduct experiments on behalf of countries throughout the world and work collaboratively with the Russians on the International Space Station. She showed us phenomenal views of the earth from space that put our place (very small) in this universe in the right perspective.

Dr. Bonnie Dunbar is pictured here on the right with Business Transfer faculty and Team Connect organizer, Leslie Lum.