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2006 Connect to Your Future Panels

Podcasts of each session coming soon

Software Evolution: From Gamer to Developer
Software Evolution Panelists

Numerous students wanted to know how to break in to the game industry.

Session 1 Podcast - Length: 42:22; Size: 39.7 MB
Session 2 Podcast - Length: 43:09; Size: 40.5 MB

Personal and Powerful: Women of Influence
Women of Influence  Panelists

Students were inspired and encouraged by four outstanding speakers.

Session 1 Podcast - Length: 47:07; Size: 44.2MB
Session 2 Podcast - Length: 46:50; Size: 44 MB

The Green Future: Careers in Sustainability, Environment and Clean Technology
Green Future Careers Panelists

More than 100 students attended the two Green Future sessions

Sessions 1 & 2 Podcast - Length: 1:00:01; Size: 56.3 MB

21st Century Career Revolutions
Career Revolution Panelists

Panelists shared how their career paths changed as they encountered new technologies.

Session Podcast - Length: 36:18; Size: 34 MB

Engineering the Future: Dreams (or Ideas) to Reality
Engineering Panelists

The Engineering panel discussed points for successful careers.

Session Podcast - Length: 44:42; Size: 41.9 MB

Technology: Faster, Smaller, Bigger, and Better
Technology Panelists

The Technology panelists gave wonderful advice to the students in the audience.

Session Podcast - Length: 40:30; Size: 38 MB

International Careers: Globally Connected Economies
International Careers Panelists

The international panel included men and women from the business world who have to deal in various ways with intercultural communications.

Session 1 Podcast - Length: 38:41; Size: 36.3 MB
Session 2 Podcast - Length: 51:08; Size: 48 MB

Thinkers, Doers, Movers and Shakers: Diversity in Business
Diversity in Business Panelists

The panelists engaged in meaningful conversation immediately.

Session 1 Podcast - Length: 44:27; Size: 41.7 MB
Session 2 Podcast - Length: Length: 48:34; Size: 45.5 MB

Bring Science to Life: Healing, Health and High-tech
Life Science Panelists

The panelists shared insights about their careers in the health sciences.

Session 1 Podcast - Length: 38:29; Size: 36.1 MB
Session 2 Podcast - Length: 44:13; Size: 41.5 MB