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Special Thanks
Dave Halverson, Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, Jerry Bunce
  • The Boeing Company
  • Dave Halverson, The Boeing Company
  • Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, Keynote speaker
  • Jerry Bunce, The Boeing Company
Special Recognition
Donna Sharpe Nora Lance and Teresa McClane Judith Paquette
  • Donna Sharpe
  • Nora Lance
  • Teresa McClane
  • Judith Paquette (too busy to even pose for a picture!)
  • Raffle Prizes:
    • Microsoft
    • Valve
    • SIR Construction
    • Apple
  • Funding for Printing Flyers and Banners
    • Perkins
Raffle Organizers:
  • Efrain Moreno-Salamenca
  • Drew Dussault
  • Arvind Vathul
Team Connect:
  • Linda Rumans, speaker recruitment (Kristi DiGrys and Robin Walker)
  • Janice Grayson, speaker recruitment (Sharon Grayson and Dewey Howell)
  • Sylvia Unwin, AV requirements
  • Kaye Moreton and Tanya Rettinger, high school coordinators
  • Team Connect members celebrate following the conference, l. to r.:
Team Connect
  • Teresa McClane
  • Judith Paquette
  • Dave Halvorson
  • Jerry Bunce
  • Leslie Lum
  • Donna Sharpe
  • Janice Grayson
Jay Strevey
  • Sayumi Irey
  • Bill Iverson (left, talking with panelist Robin Walker)
  • Helen Taylor
  • Mike Hanson
  • Kent Short
  • Tim Heinrich
  • Frank Lee
  • Art Goss
  • Melodye Gold
Jay Strevey Julie Hjelm
  • Melissa Stizenstock, registration
  • Bob Adams, press release
  • Jay Strevey, keynote logistics (pictured far left)
  • Rick Otte, video taping and podcast recording
  • Martinique Combs and Laurel LeFever, room and table setup
  • Adam Burke, audio equipment
  • Juan Ulloa, website revisions
  • Julie Hjelm, booth and exhibitor setup (pictured near left)
  • Jesse Brown, parking
  • Sabrina Roach, KBCS announcements
Booth Monitors
  • Sally Meisen
  • Carol Forte
  • Carol Foltz
  • Beth Apple
  • Faith Rayman
  • and more...