Art of Encaustic

by Deborah Kapoor

by Deborah Kapoor

Bellevue College Continuing Education offers one of the most extensive group of classes in Encaustic Art in the Northwest. We offer from beginning classes to more advance. It is just one part of our extensive art offerings being taught by local professional artists.


Color Theory II

A continuation of Color I, this course will further explore 2-D color relationships. The student develops working skills with thinking and information of color design for a variety of visual effects. After images, contrast, dominance, rhythm and movement will be covered through a series of problem solving exercises and projects.

Introduction to Encaustic

Encaustic painting is an ancient medium of beeswax, damar resin, and pigment recognized for its resplendent surface and rich color. Paint is fused together with heat, creating an enamel-like finish.  Gain a thorough set of skills, as well as tips for setting up a safe studio space at home!   No prior experience required. Tuition includes basic materials and tools.  See web for additional information.

Encaustic Mixed Media

Learn the art of encaustic in this multi media exciting new class! Explore a variety of materials and techniques! Prerequisite: Introduction to Encaustic

Encaustic Postcards

This course will encompass utilization of many encaustic skills: markmaking, printmaking, stenciling, and transfers to create miniature encaustic postcard works. This course is perfect for making one-of-a-kind gifts.

History of the Art of Encaustic

Learn the historical development of encaustic use in Western civilization including ancient to the present cultures. In this class you will examine work as expression of the ideas, methodologies and practices of artists who utilize encaustic, with special section on Northwest artists.

Markmaking with Encaustic

Participants will explore the luminous beauty and versatility of encaustic painting in this workshop focused on markmaking. A wide range of techniques will be demonstrated including ink, carbon paper (saral), graphite, charcoal, pastels, stencil, incising, transfer methods, and experimentation of burning with heated metal tools, stitching, bleaching, and foiling. Equipment, tools, substrate options and safety will be covered. You might like to bring special papers, dried natural materials, xeroxes, drawings, stencils, threads, etc. Presentation options will be discussed. Demonstration and work time will be balanced. Students are encouraged to find and express their own artistic voice through this supportive workshop environment. Individual work stations provided with encaustic tools and basic supplies. Please see supply list on the web for additional items to bring. Intro to Encaustic recommended but not required.

Encaustic and Clay 

This two-part workshop offers combining the ancient media of clay with encaustic to create beautiful sculptural forms! In Session I students will hand-build clay substrates of various shapes and sizes.  In Session II, students will work with encaustic to complete their mixed media works of art. There is a two-week break in between session I and II to allow clay to be fired. Ceramic Supplies will be provided in class.

Encaustic and Color

Getting the perfect color and depth can be challenging with encaustic. This class will give you a better understanding of how to work with color and open up your basic color palette to unlimited possibilities.  Learn how to mix your colors, make and layer glazes, and understand the use of opacity and translucency in your work. See website here for additional information on what you need to bring. Prerequisite: Introduction to Encaustic

Encaustic and the Book

Explore how to incorporate encaustic into the bookmaking process. Examples of different approaches will be shown in class. Text, images and ephemera are options for creating content to make encaustic books in this 3-day workshop. Individual encaustic workstations will be provided for students with heat plates, heating tools, book board, Arches paper, thread, and encaustic paint. See website for Supply List. Prerequisite: Intro to Encaustic

Encaustic and the Written Word

Explore how to utilize text as an image source to create forms with words, and use words as a basis to provide content in encaustic works in this 3-day workshop. Individual encaustic workstations will be provided for students with heat plates, heating tools, encaustic paint, brushes and cradled panels for final project. See website for Supply List.


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