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American Sign Language (ASL) is the first language of many deaf North Americans and one of the most commonly used languages in the United States. Whether you have a deaf or hard-of-hearing family member or friend, are deaf or hard of hearing yourself, or simply want to pursue a personal interest, World Languages Institute ASL classes are designed for you. Our skilled instructors make learning sign language fun and easy with classes designed to accommodate busy adults. Classes meet once a week in the evening for eight weeks. If you plan to learn ASL, it’s great to take classes with a friend so you’ll have a partner to practice with during the rest of the week.

The World Languages Institute American Sign Language classes will give you the tools to:
• Learn the ASL manual communication alphabet
• Use everyday phrases to engage in simple conversation
• Learn ASL grammar and vocabulary
• Use facial expressions and body language to enhance your ASL communication skills
• Understand and interact appropriately within the deaf culture

Current American Sign Language Classes

  • American Sign Language 1

    For those who are deaf or who want to communicate with the deaf. Includes the manual communication alphabet and everyday phrases to assist i... More »

  • American Sign Language 2

    The focus of this course is to help students develop ASL conversation and alphabet skills.

    Recommended text: Signing Naturally: Un... More »

  • American Sign Language 3

    This course will focus on ASL conversation, grammar, facial expressions and the deaf culture.

    Recommended text: Signing Naturally:... More »

  • American Sign Language 4

    For students who have taken three quarters of ASL or the equivalent. ... More »

  • Conversational ASL

    Immerse yourself in ASL (American Sign Language) conversation and boost your comprehension and signing skills! Communicate in practical rea... More »

Featured Instructor

Jamie Lucero, Instructor and Translation Tools Expert

Jamie Lucero, Translation and Interpretation Certificate Instructor, is a translation tools expert who teaches others who are highly fluently bilingual how to use these tools. Read more. . .

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