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Business and desktop application professionals support mission-critical roles in the workplace by expertly using word processing tools, spreadsheets, databases, presentation software, messaging software, Internet research skills, and project management and business accounting software. Training in business applications at Bellevue College Continuing Education will give you hands-on experience and the skills to become a more productive and effective professional in a variety of office environments.

Prerequisites: Basic computing and keyboarding skills, which can be developed in our Windows Introduction and Quick Keyboarding classes. We strongly recommend that you start with Windows classes to gain a fundamental understanding of the operating system and basic file management.

Current Business and Desktop Applications Classes

  • Access 2013: Level 1

    One of the most efficient and powerful ways of managing data is by using relational databases such as Access 2013. Topics include database m... More »

  • Access 2013: Level 2

    You have the basic skills needed to work with Microsoft Office Access databases, including creating and working with Access tables, relation... More »

  • Access 2013: Level 3

    In this course, you will extend your knowledge into some of the more specialized and advanced capabilities of Access by structuring existing... More »

  • Data Analysis and Business Modeling with Excel 2013

    Learn the best ways to use Microsoft Excel for data analysis, modeling and decision making using real-world business scenarios. Designed fo... More »

  • Excel 2013: Automation

    In the previous Excel courses, you used Excel to simplify business tasks, including the creation of spreadsheets, graphs, charts, and formul... More »

  • Excel 2013: Level 1 - Beginning

    Learn to use Excel 2013 as a tool to create and format spreadsheets to better analyze and track your data. Topics: creating and modifying a... More »

  • Excel 2013: Level 2 - Data and Charts

    Increase your productivity, streamline repetitive tasks, and enhance the visual effectiveness and appeal of your spreadsheets. Topics: mult... More »

  • Excel 2013: Level 3 - Functions

    Learn some of the more advanced features of Excel 2013 as you practice the skills necessary to create and edit macros; modify workbook prope... More »

  • Excel 2013: Level 4 - Templates and Macros

    This advanced Excel course could also be called streamlining as you use tools that improve efficiency and time management. Topics: importin... More »

  • PowerPoint 2013: Level 1

    Create more effective and engaging presentations. You will learn new skills to create a visually appealing presentation for your audience; e... More »

  • Prezi Presentations

    Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas. You can collaborate on presenta... More »

  • QuickBooks 2014

    Use QuickBooks to track money coming in and out of your business or personal accounts using proven tools and easy forms. Topics: creating y... More »

  • SharePoint 2013: Site Owner Level 1

    Windows SharePoint 2013 combines familiar Office tools and the Web into a single environment to share information and collaborate with colle... More »

  • SharePoint 2013: Site Owner Level 2

    Windows SharePoint 2013 combines familiar Office tools and the Web into a single environment to share information and collaborate with colle... More »

  • SharePoint Foundations 2013: Site User

    SharePoint is a web platform tool that allows for collaboration within and across teams. Specifically designed to optimize the user experien... More »

  • Word 2013: Level 1

    Using Word 2013, learn to produce quality standard business documents. Topics include creating and editing a new document; entering text; op... More »

  • Word 2013: Level 2

    In this course, you will create complex documents in Microsoft Word 2013. Topics: manage lists, customize tables and charts, customize forma... More »

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