Art & Design Classes: Ceramics

Turn your creative ideas into impressive and useful pieces in our ceramics classes. Learn how to center clay on the wheel, throw it into simple forms, and use tools to shape your thrown cylinders, bowls, and plates. Create functional and decorative pieces with a variety of hand-building techniques. Learn tips and techniques for firing and glazing your clay creations into finished pieces. Build on your mastery of these basic techniques to improve your control and express your artistic ideas more effectively.

Current Ceramics Classes

  • Ceramic Wheel Throwing and Slip Decoration

    Learn how to achieve many different types of surface decorations, and patterns in a short period of time using slip trailer! In this excitin... More »

  • Encaustic and Clay

    This two-part workshop offers combining the ancient media of clay with encaustic to create beautiful sculptural forms! In Session I, with in... More »

  • Open Ceramic Lab

    Take the opportunity to practice the skills taught in class at your own pace. Lab is only for students enrolled this current quarter in a ce... More »

  • Saturday Clay: A New Look

    Asian pottery traditions provide a deep taproot for many potters. Whatever your skill level, you will learn new approaches to clay which str... More »

  • Wheel Throwing/ Hand Building: Beginning

    Wheel Throwing and Hand Building are taught simultaneously in this introductory course. You'll learn centering and tool use for shaping thr... More »

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