Personal Enrichment: Cooking

Are you a veteran foodie or a first-time cook? Work with our master chefs to prepare delicious and authentic ethnic dishes that will delight you. Hands-on evening classes held at Eastside locations or our North Campus. Arrive ready for a culinary journey, and leave with creative new recipes to delight your palate and impress family and friends.

Current Cooking Classes

  • Professional Bartending: Licensing Permit 12 or 13

    Learn the legal aspects of alcoholic beverage service for bartenders/servers. Includes when to stop serving, and the legal responsibilities ... More »

  • Professional Bartending

    Become a licensed bartender! Learn how to mix, measure and master more than 250 of today's most popular cocktails--Electric Iced Teas, Marga... More »

  • Holiday Cookies and Candy

    Cookies and candy make the perfect gift for any gathering during the holiday season. Master baker Nancy Brooks shares tips, tricks and secre... More »

  • Wine 101

    Want to learn how to select, age and enjoy wine? Learn to better describe what you taste, what you like, and don’t like? Experience the nu... More »

  • Wine Taste Your Way Thru Italy!

    If you'd like to become more familiar with the main regions, grapes and classic styles of the wines of Italy, this class is for you! We'l... More »

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Ray Pfortner: Photography

pfortner2[1]“Photography is such a democratic art form, everyone’s shooting with some kind of camera, and everybody can use more training. Whereas some people will never paint with oil, watercolor, or acrylic, we’re all photographers." Read more. . .

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