Personal Enrichment: Cooking

Are you a veteran foodie or a first-time cook? Work with our master chefs to prepare delicious and authentic ethnic dishes that will delight you. Hands-on evening classes held at Eastside locations or our North Campus. Arrive ready for a culinary journey, and leave with creative new recipes to delight your palate and impress family and friends.

Current Cooking Classes

  • Professional Bartending: Licensing Permit 12 or 13

    Learn the legal aspects of alcoholic beverage service for bartenders/servers. Includes when to stop serving, and the legal responsibilities ... More »

  • Professional Bartending

    Become a licensed bartender! Learn how to mix, measure and master more than 250 of today's most popular cocktails--Electric Iced Teas, Marga... More »

  • Holiday Cookies and Candy

    Cookies and candy make the perfect gift for any gathering during the holiday season. Master baker Nancy Brooks shares tips, tricks and secre... More »

  • Ayurvedic Cooking Basics: Healing with Food

    Join instructor Gwen Nagano and explore Ayurvedic cooking through the use of all six tastes for balanced meals to optimize digestion. We wil... More »

  • Wine 101

    Want to learn how to select, age and enjoy wine? Learn to better describe what you taste, what you like, and don’t like? Experience the nu... More »

  • Wine Taste Your Way Thru Italy!

    If you'd like to become more familiar with the main regions, grapes and classic styles of the wines of Italy, this class is for you! We'l... More »

  • Perfect Pies

    Nothing finishes a meal like old fashion homemade pie. Join Nancy Brooks for this sensational hands on class and learn the secrets to making... More »

  • Zuppa Italiana!

    Ward off the chill of winter with a hearty bowl of soup...Italian style! Join Iole in the kitchen as she creates three favorites: Tuscan Bea... More »

  • Italian Gnocchi

    In this hands-on class learn to prepare homemade gnocchi (nee-yò-kee), petite and delectable potato dumplings that melt in your mouth when ... More »

  • Authentic Italian Summer Salads

    Summertime creates a desire for refreshing salads. Prepare yourself for the summer season and join Iole in the kitchen as she creates four I... More »

  • Pizza! Hands-On

    Iole Aguero shares her passion for the flavorful cuisine and fresh ingredients of her native Italy. During this enjoyable evening you'll pre... More »

  • Italian Seafood

    Chef Iole Aguero's irresistible Italian seafood dishes are guaranteed to indulge your senses and delight your guests. The menu features the ... More »

  • Dinner Made Easy

    Looking for quick and delicious dinners that are simple to prepare? When it comes to convenience Susan Kalin has dinner in the bag and will... More »

  • Love That Lemon!

    If you love lemon this is the class for you! Iole shares the secrets of fine homemade Limoncello, a lemon liqueur produced in the south of ... More »

  • Everyday Italian

    Iole brings you exquisite pasta dishes that are quick to fix and make the perfect meal anytime. On the menu are Bucatini al Carbonara with p... More »

  • Extraordinary Eggs: Brunch and Beyond

    From Easter Brunch to a great family dinner- Chef Susan Kalin shares the versatility of the incredible eatable egg! Perfect for any meal or... More »

  • Calzone and Focaccia Favorites

    Iole Aguero shares her passion for the flavorful cuisine and fresh ingredients of her native Naples. Learn her secrets to making perfect dou... More »

  • Summer Cuisine of Italy

    Come experience the flavors and tastes of an Italian summer. Join chef Iole, as she teaches how to prepare four savory summer dishes that yo... More »

  • Soup and Salad Combos

    Looking for new dinner ideas to liven up your weeknight meals? Rediscover the entrée salad with Chef Susan Kalin as she shares two hearty s... More »

  • Italian Sunday Dinner

    Iole Aguero presents an authentic Italian Sunday dinner for entertaining friends or bringing the family together: Caprese Salad with fresh m... More »

  • Quick Pan Sauces

    Looking for simple ways to liven up your meals? Join chef Kalin as she shares some of her favorite quick and easy pan sauces. On the menu ar... More »

  • Cuisine of Southern Italy

    Iole returned from the latest trip to her homeland excited to present her new menu of Southern Italian dishes that the whole family will lov... More »

  • Beef Wellington: a Non-traditional Holiday Dinner

    There are few dishes more elegant and festive than Beef Wellington. Learn how to prepare this savory recipe of beef tenderloin coated with m... More »

  • Paella: A Taste of Spain

    Chef Susan brings you a taste of Spain as she presents a wonderful Paella of chicken and shrimp with Arborio rice and golden saffron threads... More »

  • Cioppino with Iole

    Join Iole as she shares her secrets to making another fabulous seafood dinner. The evening menu brings Iole’s flavorful Cioppino , Pepper... More »

  • A Taste of South East Asia

    Join us for a hands-on culinary adventure to South East Asia as we explore the flavors of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Learn authentic r... More »

  • Hands on Pasta Workshop

    Join Iole and learn how to make several pasta dishes, including cheese ravioli with a walnut sauce, tortellini with butter and cheese, an... More »

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