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Real Estate Practices

Required course prior to first broker’s license. In this Washington State DOL-approved course, explore agency relationships, listings and evaluating techniques, in depth analysis of the purchase and sale agreements, residential financing, the closing process, marketing, negotiation, business skills and procedures, environmental issues, governmental agencies, and real estate math. Seasoned real estate instructors will answer your questions and give you feedback on your work. Course includes practical application of industry forms. The course fulfills the state-mandated 30-hour Real Estate Practices requirement for those obtaining their first Broker's license.

Required Prerequisite: Washington Real Estate Fundamentals.

Required textbook: Modern Real Estate Practices, 19th ed., Real Estate Education Company. This Real Estate textbook is available to purchase at the Main Campus bookstore and in eBook format from the publisher.

Note: Students may complete the full state-mandated requirements for those obtaining their first Broker's license after at Bellevue College by completing both of the following classes: "Washington Real Estate Fundamentals” (60-hour) and "Real Estate Practices” (30-hour). It is highly recommended students enroll in “Real Estate Practices” 30-hour course after completing the “Washington Real Estate Fundamentals” 60-hour course. This will allow you to maximize the amount of time for your completion. This is also advised as the material in this class builds upon the Fundamentals course.

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