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TELOS - Views of the News with Dee

Join us for a lively, highly interactive collaborative discussion of timely and current news as well as persistent topics like the Middle East, China, the National Deficit and Health Care Reform. We will also discuss more enduring topics: What Kind of Country Do We Want to Be? The State of the Education System; the Plight of the Newspapers; Responsibility of the Media; Foreign Policy; and more.

This discussion group will be a cooperative effort and participants are encouraged to submit topics from current news as well as topics for more in-depth discussion. TELOSians are typically well informed, well-read, and have traveled widely. They have a wealth of life experiences and this group will provide a venue for sharing these viewpoints, ideas and experiences as they relate to news topics. We will vote each week on the in-depth topics for discussion the following week.

Dee Koger

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