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TELOS - US History 3 - The Philadelphia Story: 1787

This is part history class and part civics class as we relive the Constitutional Convention, a real cliffhanger. It is also a detailed look at the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Gettysburg Address. I promise that you will never get them confused again! Plus we get to look at all of the personalities involved. Did George Washington really have no sense of humor? How did tiny James Madison, whose voice was so soft you couldn't hear him, win arguments over bellowing Patrick Henry? Did Benjamin Franklin really arrive at his table inside Constitution Hall in a sedan chair carried by prison inmates? What was the average alcohol consumption at one of the working dinners? (Answer: six bottles of wine per person!) We're lucky we got a Constitution at all! Kristi Busch holds an M.A. from George Washington University and has many years teaching experience.

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