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ECG/EKG for Nurses

A valuable resource for nurses to learn the fundamentals of reading and interpreting ECGs, this course includes nine instructional modules with quizzes, ten exercises to practice reading and interpreting ECG strips and a comprehensive course exam. Students will review cardiac anatomy and physiology, sinus, atrial and junctional disrhythmias as well as cardiac conduction block and ventrical dysrhythmias they’re likely to encounter on the job. The course will also review the electrical basis of ECGs and the changes associated with aritificial pacemakers, myocardial ischedemia and necrosis. For any nurse looking to brush up on these skills, the ECG for Nurses course is a fantastic resource to revisit again and again. Tuition includes online enrollment fee with all applicable eBooks for course assignments and will take between 20 to 100 hours to complete. For information on the refund policy, please call our partner, CCI @ 1-866-214-7953.

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