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EKG Technician

EKG technicians are in demand! EKG technicians work in physician’s offices, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities and organizations. EKG technicians also work for insurance companies to provide data for health and life insurance policies. Similar to other growing healthcare professions, the demand for EKG technicians is expected to continue to grow substantially. Approximately 25% more EKG technician jobs will be available by the year 2018. This EKG Technician program prepares students to function as EKG technicians. This course is designed to prepare students for various state and national certification exams aimed at testing the competency of aspiring EKG technicians. Tuition includes online enrollment fee with all applicable eBooks for course assignments and will take between 50 to 350 hours to complete. For information on the refund policy, please call our partner, CCI @ 1-866-214-7953.

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