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TELOS - The Ultimate Reality: Imagination

When Dorothy wanted to go home, she simply had to see it with her mind and feel it with her heart. She had to believe. In believing she breathed life into her vision, her senses, her need to solidify her passion and desire…her dream. She used her imagination and made it real and she was home, her and her little dog, Toto. This course is about imagination and how to improve its functionality. Imagination is something often overlooked as adults and usually and most often attributed to children, or artists. Most of us simply rely on our senses and even that is underrated. It is a gift to be used and seldom acknowledged, but it is as powerful as love. The most profound energies we maintain as humans is to love, laugh and image. Imagination is the creative process in which we get to use the tools of our humanity and our gift from the Creative Source. When we stop dreaming, seeing, envisioning, we no longer live, we only exist. Imagination does not come from the mind nor the brain. It is even more astute than the five obvious senses we all rely on. It is in constant motion. Imaging comes from the intention of heart. It must flow, and it is constantly available. Fluidity of imagination should remain open to receive new ideas, concepts, visions coming forth from a frequency outside human conceptualization. It is expansion of consciousness. When it doesn't flow, it becomes congested, hence, imbalanced, dis-eased. We are living in a changing world, a constantly transforming planet and certainly almost a new universe. Mother Nature is the first one to feel the most obvious of those changes. As it has been witnessed, even our individual relationships are being transmuted in one way or another. Transformations are happening all around us and we will need to keep up if we are to survive. There are specific keys and formulas to bringing together what we 'magically' want to happen. You can create whatever you see in your mind's eye and manifest it in your 'now' reality. In this course we will discover our own individual abilities and how to use them to recreate, explore, design, reinvent, and manifest our desires and dreams in this new world. 'Now' we learn 'true magic' and how it is to be used in our everyday life and relationships as we go forward into this inevitable change. As a child, we dreamed, as an adult we make magic! (I)mage= I, magician!!! Instructor Ahbreem Paige-Alatriste is a novelist with wide-ranging interests who holds a Master's Degree in literature and writing.

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