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TELOS - Age-ing to Sage-ing®: The Inner Journey towards Meaningful Eldering

As life expectancy increases and our roles in society and family change after retirement, people are finding that sometimes there is an unfulfilled need in both men and women to maintain vitality through a life with purposeful meaning. If we can openly deal with aging issues we can move from simply Age-ing to a more holistic wisdom based notion of Sage-ing®, in essence:

  • Willingness to deal with life-completion issues as opposed to ageing denial
  • Coming to term with one’s mortality
  • Doing inner or reflective work to better understand our unique journey
  • Reflecting on one’s life experiences to harvest accomplishments, repairing and healing relationships, and putting life in order
  • Gaining better understanding of what has given purpose and meaning to our lives, and be able to go on to mentor and serve family and others of the next generation
Through a series of class exercises based on the implied process elements, and acknowledgements of different starting points for men and women, you will:
  • "Harvest life” more fully by reflection to gain initial insight into the personal transformations needed to put your life in it's unique order, and know that you have addressed any issues of integrity honestly and authentically.
  • Gain insight on tasks and interactions that will build personal strength, and give courage to those around you to deal with the realities of end of lie.
Philip Gerson is a founder of HERO House (Helping the Mentally Ill Back into the Community), and a member of Northwest Interfaith Community Outreach (NICO).

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