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TELOS - Charles Dickens' Bleak House

Charles Dickens’s Bleak House, one of his greatest novels, is an expose of the British legal system, on which our own is based. It was serialized over 19 months in 1852-53. Dickens' story twines through an excoriating vision of the legal system to heartbreaking domestic drama to a murder investigation to near-Gothic horror. It contains one of Dickens’ warmest heroines (and narrators), a tragic society woman (played by Diana Rigg in one production), an early police detective, an exciting chase scene, a mysterious death, and the usual set of fascinating Dickens characters. We will try to capture the suspense and anticipation of waiting for the next installment, discussing it and watching excerpts from the two Masterpiece Theater versions. Dr. Bruce Bigley is Professor (Emeritus) of Literature, University of Montana and has degrees from the U. of Washington and Yale.

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