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TELOS - The Art of Ventriloquism Today


Whether you take the course to relive nostalgic memories, see what’s new, or learn how to be a ventriloquist, plan to laugh and learn as we look at the art of ventriloquism from Edgar Bergen, Paul Winchell, Jimmy Nelson, Shari Lewis, and Senor Wences, to contemporary artists such as Terry Fator, Jeff Dunham, and others. We’ll cover techniques and skills including lip control, character development, voices, the mechanics of ventriloquist dummies, figure manipulation, and acting with the figure.

Jay Hurwitz has performed as a ventriloquist since childhood. He knows many of today’s leading ventriloquists, and his cast of characters represents vent figures by the leading makers of the day. He last taught this course at BC Continuing Education in the 1990’s.

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