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Markmaking with Encaustic


Participants will explore the luminous beauty and versatility of encaustic painting in this workshop focused on markmaking. A wide range of techniques will be demonstrated including ink, carbon paper (saral), graphite, charcoal, pastels, stencil, incising, transfer methods, and experimentation of burning with heated metal tools, stitching, bleaching, and foiling. Equipment, tools, substrate options and safety will be covered. You might like to bring special papers, dried natural materials, xeroxes, drawings, stencils, threads, etc. Presentation options will be discussed. Demonstration and work time will be balanced. Students are encouraged to find and express their own artistic voice through this supportive workshop environment. Individual work stations provided with encaustic tools and basic supplies. Please see supply list on the web for additional items to bring. Intro to Encaustic recommended but not required.

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