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TELOS - The Bible


An academic and critical course on the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and the New Testament. We will use historical, social-scientific, and philosophical methods to understand the nature of the biblical canon and its influence on both the Church and Western culture.

David Smith
Professional Bio: Ph.D. in Religious Studies, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. 1988-1993: Police Officer, Lynchburg, VA. 2000-present: Various faculty positions in Philosophy and Religious Studies, most recently at Central WA University, Ellensburg, WA. Currently teaching in several adult continuing education programs in the Seattle area and offering seminars in comparative religion, philosophy of religion, and contemporary ethics at various venues. 2015-2016: Speaker for Humanities Washington (theme: human rights). 

Personal Bio: I grew up in the home of a fundamentalist Christian minister, but as an adult I gradually moved away from that paradigm and became a religious progressive/skeptic. After earning an M.A. in philosophy of religion, I received a second M.A. and a Ph.D. in religious studies to find answers for myself and to prepare myself to empower others to find answers for themselves. In addition to academics I love exercise and sports, and am a certified personal trainer.

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