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Advanced Artistry Techniques with Photoshop


New! Learn how to take your paintings and illustrations into Photoshop with professional artist and illustrator, Philip Howe!First, learn how to set up and copy your artwork and sketches professionally, then manipulate the digital files for whatever your intended use is – from high quality prints to illustrations, game art, fine art, or the web. We’ll discuss resolution and how it affects output quality. We’ll work with channels, masks, distortion filters, paths, quality retouching, and color correction on a professional level. Photoshop also has 3d type capability for those who want to do type design in 3d. The instructor will do demos, work one-to-one, and bring in several actual jobs to show you how images can be manipulated for various uses, from simple graphics, complex layering, to fine art paintings and illustrations where effects are desired.

This class is for artists and designers who wish to learn how to manipulate and enhance their artwork in Photoshop.

Prerequisites: Photoshop 1 or equivalent. Bring artwork or drawings to put on the computer and work on, and a flash drive.

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