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Hypnotherapy: Professional Training Intensive

Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives and create your own schedule and work independently? More and more people are discovering the exciting field of hypnotherapy and have made it their dream profession. Competent hypnotherapists can successfully help clients with chronic pain; post-traumatic stress disorder; inner conflicts, and more.

Taught by Mary Lee LaBay, along with her teaching assistant, Susan Fields, this training is designed for a diverse group of participants - health care professionals; individuals exploring a new career; and those with a motivated interest in learning hypnotherapy for self-care. This training is based on the presentation of clinically-based techniques, and also touches on spiritually-based topics and experiences that may arise within the context of a holistic approach to client-centered healing practices. These topics may include but not be limited to, discussions on reincarnation, past life regression, soul, spirit, philosophy, and belief systems as they spontaneously arise within the context of student questions and class discussions.

Meeting the requirements for this 100-hour program will prepare you to become registered with the WA State Department of Health and allow you to apply for certification by a national or international hypnotherapy organization. For more details, please visit our website - Hypnotherapy: Professional Training Intensive

This class will be offered Spring Quarter; registration begins February 22.

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