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TELOS- The First World War and its Impact on the Present


WWI was a defining moment for the 20th Century and the changes to our world are still being felt today. Four great empires- the Austro-Hungarian, the Romanov (Russian), the Hohenzollern (German), and the Ottoman (Turkish), were dismembered. Warfare saw new innovations on how to inflict pain, suffering, death; poison gas, machine guns, aerial combat, bombing of civilians, unrestricted submarine warfare. A generation of our best and brightest was lost, and a number of those that survived became a lost generation.

Bob de Michele
Professional Bio: Education: AS degree with honors from BCC, 1995; Completed history honors program and BA in History, University of Washington, 1997; Graduate study in British, European, and Medieval History at Western Washington University, 1997-99; Post graduate study in Modern British History at Kings College, London, 2005-06. Lecturer in ancient, medieval and modern history survey-level courses at BCC.

Personal Bio: I am a 30-year Navy veteran, with most of that time in the Submarine Service. When not on sea duty I was involved with either training or curriculum development. The Navy has allowed me to travel worldwide, including Europe and the Mediterranean, Hawaii, the Far East, and the Persian Gulf. I also spent an extended time under the polar ice cap, surfacing at the North Pole in the spring of 1976. My wife and I enjoy many different hobbies such as sky diving, scuba diving, camping and skiing, as well as spending time with our animals: dogs, cats, and a draft horse cross we use for trail riding.

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