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TELOS- Clarence Darrow in Historical Context

Clarence Darrow is the most (in)famous lawyer in American history. He litigated many "Crimes of the Century." The course (which is intended for all interested adult learners) will focus on his life and times, as well as the Darrow mythology (often generated in movies, plays, novels and television dramas). The course will not only study Darrow but it will also afford important insights into the context of American social, economic, labor and cultural history in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Stephen Kalish
Professional Bio: Education: Harvard College, B.A., Harvard Law, LLB & JD, Harvard Law LLM Experience: Professor of Law, University of Nebraska, 35 Years

Professor Kalish taught law at the University of Nebraska for 35 years. He was the Director the University’s Center for the Teaching and Study of Applied Ethics. Although he has taught this course before, it is much improved.

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