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TELOS- The Crusaders


The course will cover items such as: Holy Land conditions before the Crusade; Decline of the Byzantium Empire; call for help from the West; Disastrous People Crusade; First Crusade makeup; the clash of cultures; the enemy; ambition and greed settling in the Holy Land; Knights Orders; good and bad internal bloody rivalries; successes and failures; and impact of Crusade on today’s politics.

Edo Ziring
Professional: BA degree in Engineering from Oregon State University. MS degree in Engineering from San Jose University. My life long passions are technology/science and history. During my academic years I accumulated extensive classes in history to fulfill my Liberal Arts requirements.

Personal: My wife and I have been resident of Mercer Island for many years. Our two sons graduated from MIHS and left for the big world. As part of my passion, I collected history and technology books and periodicals. In my travels, I look for the historical events that shaped the countries and cities we visit. For the last four years I have taught at TELOS history classes. In my teaching I emphasis causes and effects of historical events and what led to them.

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