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Successful Retirement Strategies

Do you have what it takes to retire? Are you afraid that you might outlive your money? Attend this class and find out. This course is designed to provide a clear understanding of three key areas: SOCIAL SECURITY – Are you confused about when to sign up? Most people needlessly leave money on the table. This is especially critical for women. MEDICARE – Understand the total potential cost of healthcare in retirement. What does Medicare cover? What does it not cover? What does it cost? What about out of pocket costs not covered by Medicare or Supplemental Insurance? COMPREHENSIVE RETIREMENT PLANNING – Put it all together, How much can you afford to spend? Essential vs lifestyle expenses, Income sources, Retirement plan distributions, Investing, Risk management, Estate planning. It’s fun, intuitive and very informative. Yogi Berra insight, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.” That’s absolutely true about retirement. Take the class and get on track for a successful retirement.

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