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WorkTalk: What to Say in Difficult Situations on the Job

Your complete course in workplace communications—how to make a great first impression, use voice and speaking techniques to sound authoritative, write clear e-mail and business documents, listening techniques, handling complaints confidently, saying no, giving effective feedback, being assertive to confront problems, and how to make all meetings more productive and satisfying. Complete workbook included.

Topics include:

1—How to express yourself anytime by revealing what you see, feel, and seek—now.
2—Two ways to respond to angry e-mail—and maintain good working relationships.
3—How to use your voice to sound confident and decisive, and get yourself heard.
4—How to give and receive workplace feedback that is directive, not critical.
5—How to think on your feet, answer questions (even when you don’t know the answer).
6—New ways to handle complaints using body language and compassion.
7—How to respond to other people’s ideas in a supportive, creative way.
8—How to speak up (even if you’re shy), sell your ideas, influence others in meetings.
9—How to handle conflict, criticism, and disagreement with grace and composure.

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