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Lower Your Property Taxes with an Appeal NOW!

Property values have fallen steadily in King County since summer 2007 and are just starting to slowly rise. Yet King County in many cases kept elevating the worth of your property each year. Why? The answer is that the Assessor’s Office uses an approach to value your property that is very different from that used by real estate agents. Your house or condo may be overvalued which means you are paying too much in property taxes. Discover a method using on line resources to determine the approximate true value of your property according to the Assessor's Office. Your instructor, who has filed and won many property value appeals, will take you step-by-step through the entire process of appealing your King County property tax assessment. Receive hints and suggestions on how to maximize your chances of getting your property tax lowered at the Board of Equalization and even State appeal hearings. Emphasis will be placed on residential properties, but commercial property appeals can be briefly covered. Bring your most recent Official Property Value Notice to class.

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