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TELOS - Creative Writing

Whether you are a beginning writer or an experienced one, whether your interest is in memoir writing, fiction or non-fiction, you will benefit from this class. Exchange of ideas and opinions is an important tool in the development of your writing skills. Priming the pump uncovers a myriad of memories and touches the creative center in all of us.
Come share the laughter and enjoy friendly exchanges with your peers. Since the class involves reading and critiquing, each section must be limited to 12 students, so register early.

Doris Toppen
Professional Bio: Dental Assistant for 15 years, then back to college at Bellevue, Seattle Pacific University and Pacific University. Nationally published writer, teacher and poet. Volunteer for Bridges for Grieving Children in Tacoma for eight years, Cancer for many years, Cystic Fibrosis coordinator and bike-a-thon leader for 8 years, community volunteer for 40 years. Has taught at Bellevue College for 20 years.

Personal Bio: Four children and six grandchildren. Grew up in Tacoma, raised our family in North Bend where I live now. I meet amazing people in my classes and they are the magic holding us together as we find excitement in our writing. I enjoy biking, dancing, swimming, reading, training for Senior Olympics 5 K runs where I received my fifth gold medal last month. My first love is making memories with my family.

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