Art & Design Classes: Drawing

Love to sketch, or just wish you could? Introduce yourself to the basic elements of sketching and drawing such as line, space, and perspective in our hands-on drawing classes. Discover the secrets of shading solid forms. Explore media such as charcoal and graphite. Master the principles of light and composition and hone your observation skills to create realistic drawings. Use color theory and a variety of color media to draw striking subjects like exotic botanicals. Learn the language of drawing and how to convey ideas with illustrations. Find out how to profit from your talent as a note card artist or children’s book illustrator.

Current Drawing Classes

  • Abstract Drawing

    Free, beautiful, expressive, personal: This is Abstract Drawing! The course is based on using traditional drawing materials, such as graphi... More »

  • Art & Coffee Workshop

    You have an interest in artistic expression, but the choices seem endless.

    Drawing: Pencil? Colored pencils? WATERCOLOR pencils? Charc... More »

  • Artful Calligraphy: The Italic Hand

    Learn the traditional Italic letter style! This versatile script will be blended with other art forms such as drawing and watercolor backgro... More »

  • Cartoon Illustration

    Become the cartoonist you always dreamed of in this introduction to the art of cartooning! For artists who aspire to (1) illustrate books, (... More »

  • Children's Book Illustration

    Immerse yourself in the world of children's book illustration with this introductory course. Using a variety of media, you'll learn basic te... More »

  • Chinese Sumi Painting and Calligraphy (Beg/Cont)

    Don’t paint just what you see, paint what you feel. Painting with soul is the fundamental idea of sumi painting and calligraphy. Study the... More »

  • Drawing Basics

    Designed for non-artists who want a fun, informative and stress-free introduction to drawing. We focus on basic sketching and drawing techni... More »

  • Drawing: Beginning

    This course is designed for adult students who want to develop fundamental drawing skills. You will learn how to render realistic drawing... More »

  • Drawing: Intermediate/Advanced

    Drawing pictures is almost as old as mankind. In this advanced class we build on your previous drawing experience by experimenting with new ... More »

  • Fashion Illustration

    Immerse yourself in the world of fashion illustration. Learn how to draw the fashion figure and communicate apparel design details, includin... More »

  • Figure Drawing: Beginning and Continuing

    Focus on the human form and portraiture to explore a wide range of drawing experiences. Investigate gesture, contour, proportion, form in li... More »

  • Introduction to Graphic Novels

    Create your own graphic novel. Using your original story, we will go step by step through the process of scripting, storyborarding, pacin... More »

  • Open Art Lab

    Take the opportunity to practice the skills taught in class at your own pace. Labs will be monitored by Art instructors, who will be avai... More »

  • Portraiture: Beginning and Continuing

    Learn the anatomy of the skull and facial muscles, the correct way of reproducing facial expressions and the composition of the portrait. Wo... More »

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