World Languages Institute: French

Whether you want to speak French for business or personal reasons, our classes are a great way to learn. And our classes cover the full range of proficiency levels from beginning to advanced.

Beginning French classes introduce you to basic vocabulary and expressions used in everyday situations.

Beginning lessons cover how to:
•Ask and respond to simple questions
•Engage in simple conversations
•Interact in social, business, and travel situations
•Read a variety of basic written materials
•Write simple sentences on everyday topics

Intermediate and advanced classes build on your existing skills to help you read, write, and speak French with greater fluency.

Intermediate and advanced lessons teach you how to:
•Engage in conversations with ease and confidence
•Increase your proficiency in French grammar and vocabulary
•Read and understand the meaning of French texts and articles
•Write short essays on common topics
•Deepen your understanding of current French culture

Classes meet once a week for 5-10 weeks. All instructors are fluent French speakers with extensive teaching experience.

Current French Classes

  • French 1

    For students with little or no previous knowledge of French. Participants will learn basic verb conjugations and usage, simple conversations... More »

  • French 3

    Students will learn to use past verb tenses, and topics may include historical and holiday traditions.

    Required text: Deux Mondes ... More »

  • French 4

    For students who have had three quarters of French or the equivalent. Activities will be conversation-based with emphasis on use in practica... More »

  • French in Review: Levels 1 - 4

    This class offers a review of the vocabulary, expressions, and grammatical concepts introduced in French 1 through 4. Emphasis is on practic... More »

  • French Book Club

    Discover the pleasures of reading in French and deepen your understanding of the French language and culture. Intended for students in Frenc... More »

  • Introduction to French for Teens

    Would you like to improve your French speaking skills? Do you want to get a jump start on your French classes you will take at school? This ... More »

  • Hard French Grammar Made Easy for Teens

    A simplification of the more difficult areas of the French language, including the subjunctive, indirect and direct object pronouns, y, en, ... More »

  • French Potpourri

    Discover the pleasures of reading in French and deepen your understanding of the French language and culture. Explore its music, art, film, ... More »

  • French for Travelers

    Preparing for a trip to France? This interactive class is the perfect choice for travelers to a French speaking country who would like to l... More »

  • French Grammar Tune-Up

    This course aims to help you review, understand, and master some of the more challenging French grammar concepts introduced in the first fou... More »

Featured Instructor

Jamie Lucero, Instructor and Translation Tools Expert

Jamie Lucero, Translation and Interpretation Certificate Instructor, is a translation tools expert who teaches others who are highly fluently bilingual how to use these tools. Read more. . .

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