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Bellevue College Continuing Education offers a full suite of graphic design courses that can be taken as standalone units or as part of our Graphic Design Certificate Program. Developed by an advisory committee of design professionals representing a variety of disciplines, our courses can help you combine your artistic and technical talents to develop practical skills that are in demand.

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Current Graphic Design Classes

  • Branding Business

    This class is designed to give you a real world view of what a graphic designer is tasked to create for their clients. It takes you on a jou... More »

  • Certificate Open House

    Are you looking to gain new skills for personal and professional development? Join us for our Certificate Open House on Monday, Decem... More »

  • Design Principles

    Formerly Designing Effective Websites. Explore the planning and design phase of creating a user-focused site. This course pcovers the steps ... More »

  • Drawing Basics

    Designed for non-artists who want a fun, informative and stress-free introduction to drawing. We focus on basic sketching and drawing techni... More »

  • Getting Started in 3D the Fun Way

    This program is an introduction to the fascinating world of 3D graphics. It is designed to make 3D easy and fun for you to learn. You’l... More »

  • Graphic Design Certificate Capstone

    As the final course in the Graphic Design Certificate Program, students will cover the print production process and develop an online por... More »

  • HTML and CSS: Level 1

    Use the latest version of HTML to create the content of a web page with text, images and hyperlinks. Then enhance the look and feel of your ... More »

  • Illustrator CC: Level 1

    Illustrator is a powerful vector illustration tool used to create artwork for the Web and print media. Topics: creating and editing shapes, ... More »

  • Illustrator CC: Level 2

    Illustrator is a vector-drawing environment for creating graphics that scale across media. Capture your vision with shapes, color, effects, ... More »

  • InDesign CC: Level 1

    InDesign is the benchmark tool for producing print-based brochures, flyers, business cards, or newsletters at your home or office. Topics in... More »

  • InDesign CC: Level 2

    This course is designed for those already familiar with the basic functions covered in the InDesign CC Level 1 class. Topics include interac... More »

  • Photoshop CC: Level 1

    Photoshop offers an impressive array of tools for editing digital photos, scanned photographs and creating photorealistic images. This is an... More »

  • Photoshop CC: Level 2

    This course builds on the basic skills covered in the Photoshop: Level 1 class. Topics: using Adobe Bridge, processing images with camera ra... More »

  • Print Media Design

    Apply concepts learned in Level 1 and tools learned in Level 2 to create posters, CD/book covers, and collateral materials to incorporate i... More »

  • Graphic Design Certificate Information Session

    Have you thought about becoming a Graphic Designer; making a career change, doing work on the side or polishing your current skills to produ... More »

  • Graphic Design Basics

    All forms of visual art are based on fundamental principles of aesthetic design. Learn basic design terminology and concepts and create two-... More »

  • Color in the Digital Age

    This course is designed for artists interested in color theory fundamentals and the practical application of color in graphic design. Learn ... More »

  • Typography

    This course is designed for anyone interested in learning more about the fundamentals of typography. Students will learn about type weight, ... More »

  • Brochure, Catalog and Direct Mail Design

    Learn about what makes for effective brochure, catalog and direct mail design and apply concepts learned in Level 1 and tools learned in Lev... More »

  • Logo, Icon and Symbol Design

    Apply concepts learned in Level 1 and tools learned in Level 2 to create a family of icons, symbols and/ or logos to incorporate into your p... More »

  • The Business of Graphic Design

    Whether you plan to freelance or manage a firm, graphic designers need to understand the nuts and bolts of the business. Learn how to uncove... More »

  • Drawing: Beginning

    This course is designed for adult students who want to develop fundamental drawing skills. You will learn how to render realistic drawing... More »

  • Watercolor for Illustration

    Explore the basic techniques needed to plan and create finished watercolor paintings for framing or for the illustration market by experimen... More »

  • Web Graphics

    This class focuses on optimizing graphics for effective and efficient presentation on a website. Optimization techniques include selecting a... More »

  • WordPress: Level 1

    WordPress is a free and open source online application used by professional designers to create websites. Though it is commonly used to writ... More »

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