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Learn how to use sterling silver and semiprecious stones to create unique earrings, bracelets, pendants, and rings in our jewelry and metals classes. Professional jewelry designers will teach you the techniques you need to create a completed piece by the end of the class.

Current Jewelry & Metals Classes

  • Jewelry for Beginners

    Learn the basic jewelry fabrications skills to create a ring, earrings, pendant, or bracelet using semi-precious stones and sterling silver.... More »

  • Glass Beadmaking: Beginning

    Explore the amazing art of glass beadmaking. Using a bench top torch you will transform colorful Italian glass rods into your own collection... More »

  • Glass Beadmaking: Continuing

    This 2 day workshop brings new techniques to shape, surface applications, embellishment and control. Explore and integrate frits, foils, lat... More »

  • Exhibiting Your Art

    To sell your art, regardless of your medium, your art must be seen. Learn how to exhibit your art; from selecting what to show to producing,... More »

  • Making a Business of your Art: The Series

    Would you like to make money from your art? This very practical Series will give you the tools and the confidence to sell your work, coverin... More »

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